"Hindenburg: The Musical" was the brainchild of Rob Broadhurst and Ryan McCulloch. Inspired by Disaster Musicals like The Titanic Musical and others, the two young men penned “Blimp Of Love,” a love song to the majestic derigible. The beautiful, 4 minute song, which climaxed with a giant explosion was meant to be the entire musical, but it became so popular among friends and family that Rob and Ryan decided to flesh the story out into an entire 2 act musical. Drawing on the historical events and figures related to the tragedy, "Hindenburg: The Musical," with nearly 2 dozen original songs, was written. After completing the script, 40 friends and family members squeezed into Rob’s living room to record many of the songs that would appear in the show. It was this “soundtrack” that allowed the two young men to begin showing Hindenburg around. With songs such as “There’s No Iceburgs In The Sky,” and “Dreams To Ashes,” Hindenburg is a fun, lively show that pays homage to the classic musicals we all love, with a mix of dark humor and heart.

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